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AAAT Home US statewide shipping services » Car Shipping to and from Texas

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Our expert services and affordable quotes have been a comfort to our customers when shipping their cars since years. You can grab the opportunity of being one among our satisfied customers by booking your shipment today.

 Car Shipping to and from Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is a government agency in the U.S. state of Texas. The agency is interconnected with the construction and preservation of the state's immense highway system. TxDOT is also responsible for the supervision of aviation, rail and public transportation systems in the state.

 Mission and Vision Texas Department of Transportation

TxDOT logo


To provide secure and efficient movement of people and goods, improve economic feasibility and enhance the quality of life for the people in Texas by continuing existing roadways and
teaming up with private and local entities to plan, design, build and maintain expanded transportation infrastructure.


To be a trusted, performance-driven organization dedicated to team up with internal and external partners to deliver a modern, interrelated and multimodal transportation system to improve the quality of life of the Texas citizens and also to enhance the competitive position for Texas industry.
Let us look into some features that TxDOT provides to its citizens and travellers.

 Traffic Safety Tips introduced by TxDOT to improve transportation

Traffic Safety Tips are mainly organized to reduce the fatality count, accidents happens in work zone and railroads etc. in Texas. Some of the Traffic Safety Tips include:

 Aggressive Driving
 Highway Driving
 Pedestrians and School Buses
 Road Signs
 Safety Belts and Safety Seats
 Underage Drinking and Driving
 Work Zones
 Winter Driving Safety
 Snowplow Safety

Winter Driving Safety

Winter season, the season in which crash rate and fatalities rate increases. Here are some safety tips to look after:
  • Check the road conditions in your area.

  • Stay tuned to local news broadcasts for more information on roadway and weather conditions.

  • Remove snow and ice from your vehicle before you drive, also make sure the headlights and taillights are visible.

  • Accelerate slowly and increase your following distance.
A person clearing out the snow from his car
Call the Texas Department of Public Safety's stranded motorist hotline
  • If your vehicle got stuck call the Texas Department of Public Safety's stranded motorist hotline toll-free at (800) 525-5555.

  • Brake gently in slow, steady strokes.

  • Ride slowly when you are near bridges, shaded spots, overpasses and turns.

  • Avoid using cruise control in winter.

  • Try to use non-freezing windshield washer liquid.
  • Snowplows

    During winter storms, TxDOT snowplows work hardly to make the roads travelable. Observe these tips to stay safe.
    Snowplows work hardly to make the roads travelable
    • Keep well back from snowplows, because Plow drivers can't see directly behind their trucks.

    • Sometimes snowplows may stop or back up.

    • Staying a safe distance behind a snowplow will protect us from injuries.

    • Get to know where the snowplow is on multi-lane highways.

    • Avoid driving through a snow cloud or whiteout conditions.

     Community programs introduced by TxDOT to improve transportation

    Community Programs refers to the full range of activities TxDOT uses to engage the people of Texas in the transportation-building process and various traffic related programs. Community programs in Texas are:
     Aviation Art Contest
     Highway Memorial Signs
     Photo Library
     Wildflower Program


    The Adopt-a-Highway program began in Texas in 1985 and it continues to grow, by saving taxpayer's money and keeping the roads clean. This Program is very simple, hence the volunteers
    • Adopt a two-mile stretch of highway for a minimum of two years.

    • Agree to pick up litter four times per year.

    • Are provided with safety vests, litterbags and safety training.

    • Group's name will be posted along with the Adopt-a-Highway signs in the adopted section.
    Adopt-A-Highway Program in Texas

    Researches show that Adopt-a-Highway roadsides are generally less littered than those roads which are being take care by the broad crews. This program also promotes civic responsibility and pride. Roadside litter also poses a serious threat to motorists and wildlife.


    This program has been launched to enhance the beautification and maintenance of airports in a consistent manner.
    Adopt an airport program in Texas Volunteers who are all participating should
    • Possess good common sense, Good physical condition and Mental alertness.

    • Help others especially in times of reduced visibility

    • Protect themselves by drinking plenty of water especially on warm, humid days.

    • Avoid using headsets, which could interfere with their hearing or other potential hazards.

    Memorial Sign Program for Victims of Impaired Driving

    You drink, you lose  Impaired Driving is one of the major cause for the crashes, injuries and fatalities today. Impaired driving plays a very real and deadly problem. The Memorial Sign, bearing the name(s) of the victim(s), serves to remember their loved ones while raising awareness of this serious issue.
     Each Memorial Sign will have a blue background and a white legend displaying the following text:
    • "Please Don't Drink and Drive,"
    • In Memory of
    • One line of text with the name(s) of the victim(s) or the family name of the victims, if they share the same last name.
    • Date of the crash.
    Memorial Sign

    WildFlower Program

    Introduction of Wildflowers on the medians of highways may keep away the tension and stress of the drivers and makes their mind calm which may also act as a main criteria for preventing accidents.
    Introduction of Wildflowers on the medians of highways to keep away the tension and stress of the drivers and makes their mind calm
    The Texas Department Of Transportation's Wildflower Program has produced a multicolored roadside experience that gives a sense of pride and also increases the growth of native species that need less mowing and care.

     Transportation programs introduced by TxDOT

    Pedestrians and bicycles facilities

    The Texas department of transportation has provided a lot of facilities for the pedestrian and bicyclists. Some of them are listed below:
    Roadways are reconstructed in such a way to help the Pedestrians and bicyclists
    • New or reconstructed sidewalks, walkways, and curb ramps.

    • Bike lane stripping, wide paved shoulders, bike lockers and bike parking.

    • Off-road, multi-use trails with logical connections.

    • Non-vehicular bridges and underpasses.

    Safety and education activities for pedestrians and bicyclists

    • Drivers who fail to stop and give right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks is considered as an offense.

    • Any cyclists under 16 years of age are not allowed to ride a bicycle or any attachment of a bicycle without a helmet.

    • Wear a properly fitted helmet to reduce the chances of head injury and death

    • Always check brakes and tires before riding.

    • It is illegal for a driver to make a right turn in front of a bus that is stopped at an intersection to take delivery of or release passengers.
    Remember to wear helmets while driving

     Some of the Transportation Enhancement Programs launched by TxDOT are:
    Acquisition of scenic easements and scenic and historic properties
    Scenic or historic highway programs
    Landscaping and other scenic beautification
    Historic preservation
    Rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation buildings,structures or facilities
    Preservation of abandoned railway corridors
    Control and removal of outdoor advertising
    Archaeological planning and research
    Environmental mitigation to address water pollution
    Establishment of transportation museums

    Texas auto transport director

    People engaged in car transport are compelled to get legal license from the director or commissioner of Texas department of transportation. In Texas, comes up with full license, insurance and provide shipping services for affordable prices in cities, counties and overseas.

    Ship your car to Texas

    If you are planning to reside in Texas and thinking to ship your car, just fill our Online quote form or mail us to and avail free satisfactory quote from us right now.

    For free Car shipping quotes contact - ALL AMERICAN AUTO TRANSPORT

    CALL : 1-800-227-7447

    We are happy to hear from you!


    Our expert services and affordable quotes have been a comfort to our customers when shipping their cars since years. You can grab the opportunity of being one among our satisfied customers by booking your shipment today.


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