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Other Current information on Florida Highways

  • Florida's High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes
    • What is meant by HOV lane?
      • It is a lane reserved for vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers. These lanes are also known as carpool lanes, commuter lanes, diamond lanes, express lanes, and transit lanes.
      • HOV lanes are used to move more people in fewer vehicles during times of high congestion. By doing so, HOV lanes offer a faster, more reliable commute to and from work.
      • HOV lanes are identified by signs and diamond symbols on the pavement. The HOV lane is separated from the other general traffic lanes by a striped buffer zone. Vehicles carrying at least two people may enter and exit the HOV lane only at designated points.
    • What benefits are provided by HOV lanes?
      • Saves Time - Travelers using HOV lanes are able to avoid congestion and arrive at their destinations more quickly than those using regular travel lanes. No more "beat the rush hour!"
      • Provides Reliable Commute - By avoiding congestion, a more consistent commute time can be planned.
      • Saves Money - With less time spent sitting in traffic, less fuel is wasted.
      • Decreases Stress - HOV encourages carpooling, which means sharing driving responsibilities with others, allowing carpoolers the opportunity to sit back and relax to and from work.
    • Where are they located in Florida?
      • HOV lanes are currently located on I-95 in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.
      • Transportation Improvements - Florida at Work
        Florida roads at work
  • Project overview
    Design and Engineering - $ 1,600,000
    Construction and Inspection - $ 17,500,000
    Project Total - $ 19,100,000
    Contract Advertisement: July 2009
    Contract Award: August 2009
    Beginning of Construction: 28th Sep, 2009
    Anticipated completion: August 2011
    Direct Jobs Reported Pending Contractor: Central Florida Equipment
    Direct Jobs Reported Pending Contractor: Central Florida Equipment
  • Loading and Shipping Controls
    The control program should include a detailed description of the methods by which the product is to be loaded and hauled for use on Department projects.
    The program may also include methods and personnel responsible for ensuring move in, clean haul units and accurate identification and certification of products.
    The tickets should include the following information:
    • Department Source Numbers (Mine Number and/or Terminal Number) and Origin Number.
    • Date, Quantity, aggregate description and corresponding Department material code.
    • Producer Ticket Number, which is very important for each individual source certifying the material.
    • The statement "CERTIFIED FOR FDOT" or "CERT. FOR FDOT" (specify one) will be placed only on those tickets in which the producer certifies were produced under a Department approved QCP, indicating that the specific aggregate has met both quality and uniformity requirements.
    • Certification may also be made at the time of shipment when the weight of material is recorded on the ticket.
    • The statement "DIRECT SHIPMENT CERT. FOR FDOT FROM MINE" is to be placed only on Redistribution Terminal tickets used to deliver direct shipments of certified material through a Redistribution Terminal without additional testing.

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