Shipping a Car to Hawaii

Have you been stationed in Hawaii and need to ship your car from the mainland? What about the opposite? Interested in shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland? All America Auto Transport (AAAT) can help!
Transporting a car to Hawaii is easy when you choose AAAT. Since 1964 we have been transporting vehicles to every city in the country and overseas, including to and from Hawaii. We are dedicated to getting you your vehicle where you need it as quickly as possible. The auto transport ships we work with for shipping a car from Hawaii to California (and vice versa) depart approximately every week, with delivery times of approximately 14-21 days.
If you are planning to ship your car, just fill our Online quote form or mail us to and avail free satisfactory quote from us right now.
So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (800) CAR SHIPPING / (800) 227-7447 for questions or a quote.
Safety is also a main priority at our company. We only work with transport companies that carry full insurance coverage - plus your car insurance stays in effect. So on the off-chance that something happens to your car (which rarely happens, check out our excellent record in vehicle shipping) your vehicle is doubly covered!

What is the Cost of Shipping a Car to Hawaii?

We function with speed and our rates for shipping a car to Hawaii are affordable. In fact, we even look at the prices other companies are charging for shipping a vehicle to Hawaii in order to ensure our pricing is the most cost-effective. We quote only fair rates to our customers. Our vehicle transport quotes are based mainly on cubic feet measurements, and we include catastrophic insurance into our shipping quote. (This insurance is for any catastrophe that may happen during shipping, such as the ship sinks.)
Contact us today and we will let you know the low price of shipping your car, truck, convertible, van, SUV, or oversized vehicle. Call us now at (800) CAR SHIPPING / (800) 227-7447 for questions or a quote.