How to ship my car to Massachusetts?

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People engaged in auto shipping are compelled to get legal license from the director or commissioner of Massachusetts department of transportation.
Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is a government agency in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. MassDOT includes four Divisions namely
  • Highway
  • Transit
  • Aeronautics
  • Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)
The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Division manages vehicle and aircraft operator licensing and registration. RMV is available online and also supervises commercial and non-commercial vehicle inspection stations all over Massachusetts.

Mission, Vision and Goals of MassDOT


To provide our nation's most secure and consistent transportation system that strengthens our economy and quality of life. MassDOT's vision is to lead the nation in Transportation Excellence.


  • To manage the nation's safest transportation system by minimizing injuries and death rate.
  • Build a quality transportation system and maintain it in a good condition.
  • To deliver an excellent Customer Service that satisfies the needs of the customer and to increase the efficiency and economy rate of the state by investing in public funds and other resources.
  • Operating the transportation system in such a manner that tends to increase our stewardship of the Commonwealth's natural, cultural, and historic resources.

Transportation information for Truckers from IDOT

Sharing The Road With Trucks

Research says that many numbers of accidents are happening because of the lack of sharing the road with large vehicles. Following are some rules for driving safely among trucks, tractor-trailers, and buses:
Blind Spots - Do not follow closely behind a truck or a bus. When driving near a large vehicle, be aware of the driver's blind spots on the right, left, front, and behind.
Tailgating - If you cannot see a truck's rearview mirrors, you are tailgating. By following too closely, you are losing the safety cushion you need if the vehicle in front of you stops short.
Cutting in Front - Do not follow closely behind a truck or a bus. When driving near a large vehicle, be aware of the driver's blind spots on the right, left, front, and behind.
Passing on the Left - Overtaking a tractor-trailer or a bus is much difficult when compared to that of the large vehicle. Watch for possible right-hand turns, and stay safely behind until you know what the driver is going to do.

Online Truck Permit System

In Massachusetts Online Truck Permit System is intended to progress the level of customer service and overall responsiveness for Non-Reducible permit services.

Legal Limits

This permit covers only those routes or sections of routes designated as state highway. This permit is negated on all sections of roadway under control of the Massachusetts Turnpike Interstate 90 (I-90) and connectors. You are Required to Obtain a Permit if you Exceed...
Axles Designated Highways All Other Roads
Single 22,400 18,000 less than 6" apart 22,400
Tandem 34,000 Less than 46" between centers = 1 axle  34,000
Tridum 36,000 36,000
Gross Weight 80,000 80,000

Permit Limits

Reducible load permits - Will be issued only to vehicles carrying bulk materials such as sand, petroleum in tankers etc. Permits are valid for one year. Maximum permitted weight will be less than the gross vehicle weight rating or Massachusetts' maximum limits.
Non-reducible load permit - Permits are valid for five consecutive days.
Pup trailer permits - This permit can be used to operate on state highways and throughways specified in the Regulations. The main purpose of this is to allow more fuel and cost efficient transportation of bulky materials.