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Traffic related information provided by MoDOT for St.Louis

Missouri department of transportation(MoDOT) provides Saint Louis Traffic updates which will be helpful for the travelers to get better information on the roadways and also to travel smartly.
Travelers have the option of accessing road and travel conditions using the Web at or by dialing 511 on their cellular phones or their land lines.

About Saint Louis

  • If you are looking for Car shipping to Saint louis then you must look out for little bit information before you actually plan to reside there.
  • Saint louis is a beautiful place to visit and live in. If you are an animal lover then Saint Louis can be a perfect boutique for you with its ecological destinations of animals and plants.
  • The Grant's Farm is a nice place to hang around with your family and children. The park itself is interesting and entertaining.
  • It has less animals than a zoo but the animals they do have are usually moving around or more active than animals you find at the zoo.
  • The Gateway Arch for those who love heights. You can just get at the top of the city for a beautiful view. It just makes the St. Louis skyline perfect.
  • The view from up top. the windows are sort of pointing down and you're sort of looking down at everything. Not recommended for those with height issues. Missouri Botanical Garden was founded by Henry Shaw.
  • St. Louis is the home of an addictive little appetizer called toasted ravioli. The meat filled ravioli are rolled in breadcrumbs, deep fried and served with meat sauce.
  • Saint louis bears a continental climate because it has no larger mountains and water bodies to surround. If you are planning to move here don't miss the largerst natural lake in the state which is Creve Coeur Lake.

Other information on Saint Louis Highways

  • In the 31 metro areas with population ranging from 1 and 3 million, St. Louis ranks the 3rd best with congestion in highways during the peak hours only by adding 12% more time to the average Saint Louis travelers.
  • In fact, since 2000, the roads in Saint Louis have become gradually lesser in congestion almost every year.
  • In addition to this, congestion also had cost the average Saint Louis traveler 31 hours and $772 in wasted time and fuel in 2009, a marked improvement from the 44 hours and $1062 in 1999.
  • Nowadays peak hour travelers waste an average of 289 hours behind the wheel in 2009, 36 hours more than in 1999 when congestion was considerably worse.
  • According to the UMR report, Saint Louis haves the 5th longest commutes among metro areas where Los Angeles and New York are ranked as 22nd and 33rd respectively.