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According to the federal highway administration, Texas is second to California for heavily traveled highways in the country. With vehicles traveling 55.7 billion miles on Texas interstates, the highways are quite long in addition. It is also ranked as second in the nation for being the busiest. Having said that, worth than anything, your automobile deserves the best care during the hauling process, in that case an experienced truck driver should be considered.
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Driving Laws in Texas

  • Proof of lawful status required for driver license
    The Texas Department of Public Safety requires applicants, who are not lawful permanent residents or citizens of the United States to produce a proof of lawful presence in the U.S before requesting for original, renewal or duplicate Texas driver license or Identification Card.
    37 Texas Administrative Code § 15.171 is enforced to enhance the security and protect the integrity of licensing process and to cut the risk of identity theft and fraud.
    Under the law enforced, the Department of Public Safety will issue DL or ID to applicants only when they provide acceptable documents to confirm their lawful presence in U.S. Upon verification of temporary lawful presence in U.S., the applicant will receive a license with a Temporary Visitor designation and status date on the face of the card.
  • Texas Liability Insurance Law
    The Safety Responsibility Act in Texas mandates that all drivers are financially responsible for any accident they may cause.
    According to this law, all vehicle owners should have a minimum amount of liability insurance. Given below is the minimum liability insurance required by state law:
    • $25,000 For the Injury or Death of 1 Person
    • $50,000 For the Injury or Death of 2 Persons
    • $25,000 Damage to the Property of Others
    Proof of financial responsibility should be provided if requested by the law enforcement officer.

Highway Projects in Texas

  • Interstate 30-John King Boulevard interchange project
    This project links the new John King Boulevard under I-30. John King Boulevard is a 7.5-mile highway that stretches from Texas 205 south of Rockwall to Texas 205 north of the city, but does not cross I-30 which will be elevated during construction. The final portion of John King Boulevard will be constructed under the interstate.
  • First phase of Farm to Market 740 Project
    This project is divided into two phases. First phase, which is under way, is the northern part of the project and it involves a 2.4 mile stretch. It extends south from FM 3097 in Rockwall to a T-intersection at FM 1140 in front of Fulton Academy in Heath. The second phase will continue the widening project past Rockwall-Heath High School.FM 740 North is expected to have one side - two lanes, one in each direction - completed by the end of 2011.
    Farm To Market 740 project

Texas International Registration Plan

International Registration Plan (IRP) is a program for licensing commercial vehicles which are engaged in interstate trucking. This program gives you the freedom to travel interstate without the need to purchase trip permits.
Texas International Registration Plan
Registration Process
Your vehicle may qualify for IRP if it is engaged in interstate operation. Upon qualification, you can obtain your credentials by:
  • Completing and submitting the appropriate registration forms
  • Using the new online registration system, called TxIRP
Using TxIRP you can process your application online rather than mailing in your application or waiting in line at the regional office.
Five-Year Token Trailer Registration
Five-Year Token Trailer Registration Trucks or truck-tractors more than one ton and with a semi-trailer gross weight of 6,000 pounds or more, may apply for five-year token trailer license plates. All the token trailer owners have the option to register or renew trailers for one year, five years or a portion of the years remaining in the five-year period.

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