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All America Auto Transport, functioning since 1964 strives hard to deliver reliable and quality service at the lowest rate possible. We as the reputed brokers take responsibility of moving cars at very low prices as we stick to the efficient rate calculators with the trucking companies. Our rates calculator is designed to ease and provide instant estimates to our customers.
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How much does it cost to ship my car?

How much does it cost to ship my car? The primary concern of every individual who hire the auto hauling companies is their price quotes. Unlike other products the cost of shipping a car cannot be fixed as it depends on a number of factors. It varies with companies based on certain factors they take into consideration while fixing the rate.

The major factors that cause fluctuations in fixing the cost are

Source and destination
Distance plays a major role in deciding the cost on quotes. Farther the distance higher is the cost.
Shipping Mode
Almost all transport companies offer two carrier options to ship your car – open and enclosed trailers. Depending on the mode, the shipping rate varies. If you opt for open then it is economical to afford whereas it is quite expensive if your type mode tends to be enclosed.
Pick-up and delivery mode
The pickup and delivery options also affects the auto transport cost. Door to door services are fairly expensive as compared to terminal to terminal services.
Vehicle size and weight
The size and weight of the vehicle being shipped plays a dominant role in deciding the cost. Bigger and heavier the vehicle, greater is the cost.
Our rates calculator is primarily designed on considering the above mentioned factors in order to provide the most accurate estimate. With our services, we treat your cars like we treat our own. AAAT is a step above its competitors because of its careful and proper transport policy of all types of vehicles statewide and nationwide.