How to ship my car to Connecticut?

People engaged in auto transport are compelled to get legal license from the director or commissioner of Connecticut department of transportation.
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Mission, Vision and Values of Connecticut department of transportation


To provide secure and efficient intermodal transportation network that enhances the quality of life and encourages economic vigor for the State and the region.


To lead, inspire and stimulate a progressive, responsive team, striving to exceed customer expectations.

Transportation & Civil Engineering Program (TRAC)

  • TRAC is the hands on awareness program of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO).
  • TRAC engages kids to the work world of transportation by making them solve the real-world problems.
  • TRAC in Connecticut is a volunteer driven program, with the volunteers scheduling school visits and developing presentations themselves.
  • Volunteers in TRAC help the students by making them answer the questions about transportation careers from what they have learnt and also guide the students by making them feel excited about the field of transportation.

The CHAMP program

CHAMP is a roadway service patrol program operated by the DOT. The service patrols also assists during accidents and also notifies Highway Operations Centers in Newington and Bridgeport for emergency response. CHAMP service is not operated during snowstorms.
The CHAMP Patrol provides you with the following free motorist services:
  • Changing flat tires
  • Jump starting
  • Pushing vehicles to shoulders
  • Providing fuel
  • Offering shelter

Public Transportation

The mission of the Bureau of Public Transportation is to develop, maintain and operate a secure and an efficient system of motor carrier and rail facilities for the movement of people and goods such as bus transit, rail operations, and ridesharing program.


The major cause of pollution happens because of the emission of gases from the car, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles. Sharing your ride to work - in a carpool, vanpool, bus, train, shuttles or a combination of all these together is called Ridesharing which is less expensive than driving your own car.
Some Benefits of Ridesharing includes:
  1. Money for fuel will be saved.
  2. Free time will be there to relax.
  3. Will be able to work on laptop while travelling in the bus
  4. Chatting with other passengers improves Social friendliness.
  5. Reduces air pollution.