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About Delaware

Delaware is divided into three countries: New Castle, Kent and Sussex. The transportation system in Delaware is under the governance and supervision of the Delaware Department of Transportation, also known as DelDOT.

Safety and education activities for Bicyclist's from DelDOT

  • Parents and guardians shall not approve or permit violation of these laws by the child or ward.
  • Every person riding a bicycle haves all the rights and responsibilities like other vehicle drivers.
  • Carrying more number of persons in a bicycle than it was designed to carry is an offense.
  • Remember to wear helmets properly which can even reduce the severity of brain injuries by 85%.
    Remember to wear helmets properly
  • Persons riding on a bicycle, coaster, roller, skates, or toy vehicle should not adhere to another vehicle upon the highway.
  • Persons riding a bicycle should not wear ear or a headset covering both ears.
  • More powerful lights help you to be visible to others and also it helps you to see the road peril.
  • While riding during night bicycle must be equipped with front lights which should be visible for at least 500 feet.
  • Avoid riding over potholes, gravel, broken glass, drainage grates or other unsafe road conditions.
    Always signal when you are going to turn
  • Person riding the bicycle should keep both the hands to operate the bicycle.
  • Don't pass a vehicle unless it shows a left turn signal.
  • Only pass a vehicle on the right if it is signaling a left turn.
  • A uniformed police officer may stop, inspect and test a bicycle if it is suspected to be unsafe.
  • Wrong way driving at intersections is the biggest danger for a bicyclist which should be avoided.

Roundabout Awareness Program from DelDOT

Roundabouts are circular intersections that integrate new design features thereby reducing traffic accidents, traffic delays and traffic speeds when installed at proper locations. No traffic signals or stop signs will be there in a Roundabout.
Roundabouts Have Low-Speed One-way Traffic with Yields at Each Entry Point

How to Use Roundabout as a Pedestrian?

  • Use the crosswalk and sidewalk around the perimeter of the roundabout. Never cross to the central island.
  • Before entering the crosswalk make sure that drivers can see you and stop for you.
  • If the traffic is very heavy just wait for an adequate gap in traffic.
  • Always remember to look forward when crossing the exit lanes.
  • Use the pedestrian refuge in the splitter island which allows you to cross one direction of traffic at a time.

Transportation Enhancements Program from DelDOT

Non-traditional, transportation related projects gets funding from the Transportation Enhancements Program. Examples of such projects include
  • Installing sidewalks
  • Preserving scenic and historic areas
  • Rehabilitating historic buildings
  • Creating bicycle and multi-use pathways
  • Renovating streetscapes
  • Installing lighting and crosswalks
The Transportation Enhancements Program is launched mainly to encourage the development of a more balanced, multi-modal approach to mobility and accessibility. All the federal Transportation Enhancements projects must meet the following three criterias:
  • The project must have a relationship to surface transportation
  • The project must be dedicated to public use.
  • The project must fit into at least one of the eligible activities.
Up coming Transportation Enhancement Projects from DelDOT are:
  • Bayard Square, Wilmington
  • Carpenter Street, Wilmington
  • Greenhill Avenue, Wilmington
  • North Catherine Street, Middletown
  • Windsor Street, Wilmington

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