Drive away or Auto transport by Truck- Which is best and cheaper?

You are in Miami. You want your car which is in New York. ..... Is going to get your car where it needs to be........ Is here to examine what will be on the FYI report of transporting cars long distance. First time we are doing it as we are moving to Florida Easy and more convenient I want to save 900miles of driving
What are these people talking about? Long distance car transport. Whether you are vacationing or moving, you may don't want to bother with a long distance drive. Today there are companies that would transport your car for you.

What is Drive Away?

Drive away is a method by which an individual is put into car and drives all the way with his own power to the destination. And these people are travelers, as you and I somebody who just want to save some money and get across the country.

Who would drive my car?

Now you may be thinking just what qualifies these people to drive my car? We call the employers; we call personal references to check the driving records in quite an extensive interview. In addition, drivers meet with the owners before the trip is made.
Once on route, how is your car protected? Under drive away, the car is insured primarily with the owner's insurance. In Addition we have insurance which is excess coverage up to three thousand million dollars. Drive away is by far the cheapest of all car transport methods. Prices are determined by city to city delivery and the while traffic to each area. As an example, price from Washington DC to Washington State, is 325 dollars. Whereas the price to California, one of the most heavily traveled routes is only 275 dollars.

Auto Transport by Truck

Another popular method of transporting your car is by truck. The car goes on a new truck carrier same kind of truck that brings it from the factory before you bought it. We cover the car up to 20 thousand dollars. And if the car is worth more than 20 thousand dollars, then the owner's insurance can be used after that.

How much would it cost for transporting by truck?

Transporting your car by truck is a bit more involved that drive away and consequently more expensive. Basic prices are terminal to terminal. As an example, the cars from Washington DC to Los Angeles would be 825 dollars.
If the customer wants the car brought to his own town, he can pay some additional charge and we would be happy to do that. Maybe you feel more comfortable if your car is closer to you when you travel. ... Offers this option.