Auto transport Facts

It's a good idea to make a decision in advance whether you want your car to be shipped in an enclosed container or not. But if you are transporting an expensive car or a vintage car, having it shipped enclosed can be a beneficial choice. We have a variety of cars shipped with special care.
  • You'll find AAAT's prices among the most competitive of all reputable shipping companies. However, you should shop for more than low price.
  • Our services are prompt, efficient and we constantly check the rates of our competitor so that we may keep our discounts among the lowest of all the fully insured, reputable auto movers.
With our transport services, we treat your cars like we treat our own.

With our transport services, we treat your cars like we treat our own.

  • Unusual low rates
    • By comparing prices, you'll get a feel for going rates. If your quote seems inordinately low, ask the carrier why? Odds are, they're compromising on service why because safety is one of the most important priorities sought by any customer for transporting their vehicle.
      Question should be asked when a company offers unusual low rates
    • These days there are a wide selection of auto transporters to opt from. And as with any business operation you want to be sure to get the level of service that you aspire.
  • Unusual short delivery times
    • The term unusually short delivery times clearly explains the term that most of the Shipping say auto hauling companies gives its customers a promise to pick up the car without a contract.
    • Some companies may give you a verbal promise, over the phone, to pick up and deliver your car.
      Company choose to pick up just enough cars to fill the trucks by legally leaving you behind
    • Without a contract, that company could choose to pick up just enough cars to fill a few departing trucks, legally leaving you behind.
  • Unconditional cancellation fees
    • This could be a charge of up to $200.
    • If you agree, even if the company doesn't pick up your car, you can still be charged the fee.
  • Fully insured
    • Never take anyone's word for this.
    • Always obtain a written contract, and carefully read the terms and conditions.
    • AAAT provides full primary insurance.
  • Short time in business
  • Some companies change names (or ownership) every year or two. Some even go by as many as five different names. You can find out how long a company has been in business by their federal license number.
A graph describing the time period of a company with different names

Any license #300-000 or above tells you they have very little experience. All America's federal license number is #184-386.