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The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is the organization which is mainly formed to develop and maintain all the state and federal roadways in the state of Georgia.
In addition to this GDOT also takes part in developing public transportation programs. GDOT has split up the state into seven districts in order to concentrate on every region.

Mission and Vision statement of Georgia Department of Transportation

GDOT's mission is to provide a secure, flawless and a sustainable transportation system that supports Georgia's financial system and is sensitive to its citizens and environment.
GDOT's vision is to maintain Georgia with an excellent level of transportation.

Laws in Georgia

  • The maximum gross weight allowed on the country road is 56,000 pounds unless making a pickup or delivery.
  • If a delivery or pickup is being made, evidence such as a bill of lading, overseas shipping orders, etc. must be provided on demand.
  • No permitted load will be allowed to travel into or through the area bounded by Atlanta bypass, unless the vehicle is making a pickup or delivery within that area.
  • The shipping driver should always be prepared to show the proof for such a pickup or delivery.
  • In addition to this, a permit issued for shipping is not valid between the hours of 6 a.m. through 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. through 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Movement of a permitted vehicle or load will take place only on Monday through Saturday, thirty minutes after sunrise to thirty minutes before sunset, unless otherwise shown on the permit.
  • Houses should only be moved from Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm unless otherwise noted on the permit.
  • No vehicle or load will be moved during foggy weather, snow or icy conditions or during legal holidays even though it's a permitted vehicle.
  • Transportation is strictly not allowed on routes with bridges of less than 28 feet lateral clearance.

Georgia 511system enhanced to provide road information on state highways

Georgia 511 is a free phone service which provides you with the real time traffic and travel information, latest updates on Georgia traffic, road construction, closures or tourist attractions.
511 is your one-stop resource for all the information you need. Travelers have the option of accessing road and travel conditions using the Web at or by dialing 511.

Types of information that GDOT 511 system provides

Trip times, accurate up-to-date information on statewide traffic conditions, route-specific information, current and planned road and lane closures, construction, critical incidents, AMBER alerts.

Environmental Programs

Environment Programs as the name implies, mainly launched to look after the environmental beauty of Georgia. Some of the Environmental programs include:
  • Adopt-A-Highway Program
  • Air Quality Program
  • Landscape Program
  • Litter Prevention Program
  • Wildflower Program

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Adopt-A-Highway Program is a partnership between the Georgia Department of Transportation and Keep Georgia Beautiful. This Program enrolls citizen volunteers' help to
  • Remove litter from the roadsides of the state
  • Planting and establishing trees or wildflowers
  • Removing graffiti and Controlling vegetation.
This program also promotes civic responsibility and pride. Roadside litter also poses a serious threat to motorists and wildlife.

Air Quality Program

  • Clean Air Campaign is mainly launched to reduce air pollution mainly happens because of the emission of gas in air.
  • The main cause of pollution is the emission of such gases from the car, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles.
  • Clean air campaign teaches the people to do carpool, walking to the nearest places instead of travelling in a vehicle and also it insists us to tell others the idea and make them follow it.
  • The two pollutants which mainly affect human health is ozone and particle pollution.
  • Research conducted in Georgia shows a great increase in asthma, attacks, lung cancer etc.
  • Particle pollution can occur year-round whereas Ozone occurs mostly during sunny season

Litter Prevention Program

Litter prevention is a main issue of civic pride. Researchers have shown that litter is an output of individual behavior by choosing to litter or being casual in the handling of waste. And once litter is on the ground, it catches the attention of more litter. A clean community can discourage littering and improve community appearance and quality of life.

WildFlower Program

Introduction of Wildflowers on the medians of highways may keeps away the tension and stress of the drivers and makes their mind calm which may also act as a main criterion for preventing accidents.
GDOT's Wildflower Program has produced a multicolored roadside experience that gives Georgians a sense of pride and another fine reason for the visitors to visit Georgia.

Safety Programs

Safety programs are mainly organized to reduce the fatality count, accidents happens in work zone and railroads etc. in Georgia. Some of the Environmental programs include:
  • Remove litter from the roadsides of the state
  • Planting and establishing trees or wildflowers
  • Removing graffiti and Controlling vegetation.

Median Installation Program

Median Installation is launched to reduce accident and fatality count, lessening of congestion, more uniform traffic flow, pedestrian refuge and landscaping, community revitalization opportunities etc. Numerous studies specify that medians save lives and improve traffic flow.

Work Zone Safety Program

The key element of this campaign is to tell motorists that they are more likely to be killed or injured in work zone accidents than employees or contract workers. Our role in a work zone:
  • We have to slow down when we see an orange cone.
  • Tailgating should not be done in the work zones.
  • Reading all the signs assist in safely directing motorists through the work zone.
  • While driving try to avoid getting distracted.

Transportation Programs

Congestion Reduction Program

GDOT came in with a Congestion Reduction idea to reduce congestions on the road which happens during traffic overflow and also to avoid accidents and occurrence of fatalities.