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How much does it cost to ship a car?

One of the most significant concerns, quite a few people will have when it comes to shipping a car is how much does an auto transport company charge to ship a car. If "A" wants to sign up for the service of a car transport service provider then he/she will have to request for an auto transport quote - it is not an illogical figure singled out at chance. Unlike many other products and services, it is quite difficult to have a fixed price to ship a car. In order to come up with the right price there are certain components that are taken into consideration while framing the right quote for you.
Following are some of the widespread aspects that affect the cost to ship a car:
  • Type of vehicle
  • Distance of the destination
  • Cost of fuel
  • Functionality of the vehicle
  • Types of service you opt, whether door-to-door or terminal to terminal
  • Date of delivery
  • Where is the vehicle being shipped from and to?
One of the foremost things taken into consideration when determining an auto transport quote is the type of vehicle that is being transported. To put it simple, bigger the vehicle, higher the price; when you want to ship trucks like vans, SUV's and other oversized vehicles then the cost may be higher when compared to shipping sedans and other smaller cars.
Destination distance plays a huge role in determining how much it will cost. The same rule applies to distance as well i.e. farther the distance higher the price.
Overseas and local market forces being the most important factor influencing fuel prices, the cost of shipping also depends on this aspect.
An extra charge for towing will be applied if the automobile you are shipping is inoperable, since it needs special equipment or a tow truck to get the motor vehicle on and off the auto hauling trailer.
Quite a few people will want their car to arrive sooner, in that case the auto shipping company may charge higher price.
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