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People engaged in vehicle shipping are compelled to get legal license from the director or commissioner of Idaho department of transportation.
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About Idaho

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is an Idaho governmental organization responsible for transportation infrastructure in Idaho.
Idaho Highways
Transportation system acts as the backbone and highways acts as a driving force in the state's economy. Constructing safe and efficient roads, bridges, airports, railroads and ports endorse the development of Idaho's economy.
511 - Easy to remember traveler information service in Idaho
  • 511 is a three digit voice activated phone system for the benefit of the travelers to get updates about road and weather conditions.
  • Travelers have the option of accessing road and travel conditions using the Web at or by dialing 511 from their phone.
  • 511 is a statewide service and provide information on the interstates, U.S. routes and state highways. Idaho is the 24th state to provide the 511 service.
  • If 511 services are not available through landline or wireless carrier, you can call 888-IDA-ROAD (888-432-7623). Travelers from neighboring states can call 888.
  • In Idaho 511 service was implemented in the year 2000. Information is available anytime - 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The system will offer voice response and/or touch-tone options to request road-specific information.
Types of Information 511 system provides
511 help travelers to access information about road conditions, traffic incidents, weather and tourism information.

Truck Clearance Process in Idaho

  • Truckers who do not have Idaho permits or licenses, or who are found to be in violation, will be directed to park their vehicles outside the scale lane and return to the building.
  • The Port of Entry Inspector may check for the dyed fuel in the supply tank of a vehicle.
  • Actual weight may be checked against the licensed weight of the vehicle. Axle, gross, and bridge weights will be monitored.
  • Interstate trucks are required to display International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) credentials or purchase a temporary fuel permit.
    Fuel inspection
  • It is a violation of federal and state law to have dyed fuel in the supply tank of a vehicle. All diesel-powered vehicles are subject to fuel sampling.
  • Vehicles and drivers are subject to random equipment and logbook checks. Vehicles and/or operators found with a parked for repair violation will be parked for repair.
  • If the equipment (or driver) fails to meet the Out-of-Service/Parked for Repair Criteria, the vehicle will not be allowed to move forward till it satisfies all the needed requirements.
TRANSPONDER on Idaho highways
  • Vehicles may be required to have their weight verified on the scale. Instead of waiting in line to get checked at a weight station the same check can be done on the highway using transponder.
    Transponder equipped trucks
  • Carriers when registered with North American Preclearance and Safety System (NORPASS) will receive a transponder to be placed on the windshield of the truck.
  • As the truck reaches a NORPASS weigh station, a roadside reader reads the transponder. A computer at the weigh station monitors the truck and makes sure the credentials are okay.
  • Weight-In-Motion equipment checks for the weight of the truck and if it satisfies the legal limits, a bypass message will be sent to the transponder from the second roadside reader and the transponder will give a green light signal to the driver.
    • Green light depicts the driver can bypass the weigh station.
    • The transponder will give red light when it detects a problem.
    • When transponder shows red light, the driver should move to the weight station.

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