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Our expert services and affordable quotes have been a comfort to our customers when shipping their cars since years. You can grab the opportunity of being one among our satisfied customers by booking your shipment today.

 Iowa car transport director

In Iowa, our comes up with full license, insurance and provide car transport services for affordable prices in cities, counties and overseas.

People engaged in auto shipping are compelled to get legal license from the director or commissioner of Iowa department of transportation.

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The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) manages and looks after the federal and state motor vehicle laws including the testing, licensing and appropriate approval of all drivers.

 Mission and Vision of Iowa DOT


Iowa DOT supports and delivers transportation services that promote the financial, ecological and social strength of Iowa.


Bringing difference in the lives of Iowans through stewardship, service and innovation.

 Laws related to Truckers in Iowa from Iowa DOT

Vehicle Weight Limits in Iowa

Iowa roadways are categorized into Non-Primary and Primary highways for determining allowable vehicle weight limits. Iowa law insist that a vehicle to be weighed before shipping.
Bill of Lading   The driver operating the vehicle under permit must be prepared always to show a copy of all the permits for a pickup or delivery.

  Permitted loads and vehicle are allowed to operate from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.

  If a delivery or pickup is being made, evidence such as a bill of lading, shipping orders, etc. must be provided on demand.
 An exception from Federal rules is there for the maximum weight limits of a vehicle equipped with an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

 Trucks when equipped with an operational APU may go beyond the gross weight limit from certified weight of the APU up to a maximum of 400 pounds.

 Any vehicle exceeding the applicable length, height, width, weight limits or legal dimensions are eligible to be moved only after the authorized government agency issues the oversize or overweight load permit.

 Single Trip and Annual Permits, State, county, and city oversize load permits are the types of the permits available in Iowa.

Iowa's Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) law

Iowa has tough laws against driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Iowa's OWI law states that operating a vehicle is considered as an offense when a person
¤ Drives under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or any other drugs

¤ Haves an alcoholic concentration of .08 or more
Alcohol Screening test  Iowa also has an Implied Consent Law. This law insists that you have to submit breath test, urine test or blood test to any peace officer if he feels you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

 If you take up the test and fail, or refuse to take the test, your license can be taken away on the spot.
Penalties for teen
  • Alcohol concentration level of greater than .02 and less than .08
we don't serve teens
  • Immediate notice of revocation

  • Ten-day temporary driving permit

  • Sixty-day revocation

  • Course for drinking drivers

  • Substance abuse evaluation and/or treatment

Reinstating a driver's license

If a driver's license has been revoked for any OWI offense under Iowa Code the license can be reinstated only when the person
  • Pays a $200 civil penalty.

  • Presents proof of completion of a course for drinking drivers.

  • Presents proof of completion of a substance abuse evaluation or rehabilitation services.

  • Complies with financial responsibility law, if applicable.

Seat belt and texting while driving law

Texting while driving and without wearing a seat belt are the major risky driving behaviors. Immature, inexperienced drivers have the maximum part of fatal crashes. Iowa Governor and members of the legislature are planning to bring in new laws that:

causes for getting distracted while driving
  • Disallow teen drivers from using any electronic communication device while driving.

  • Prohibit texting while driving by all drivers.

  • Necessitate all persons under age 18 to wear a seat belt while driving.
Lack of driving experience in them paves way to critical misjudgments. Not only that reports say that teens text more than any other age group while driving.

Ship your car to Iowa

If you are planning to reside in Iowa and thinking to ship your car, just fill our Online quote form or mail us to and avail free satisfactory quote from us right now.

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Our expert services and affordable quotes have been a comfort to our customers when shipping their cars since years. You can grab the opportunity of being one among our satisfied customers by booking your shipment today.


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Distracted Driving

Set of Laws followed in Auto Transport

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