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Vehicle transportation is not an easy task. Before transporting your vehicle check whether you don't have any personal belongings in the vehicle.
Also fill the bill of lading form wherein you inspect the car and any damages in the vehicle are noted down in the form.
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About Truckers Permit in Kansas

  • Standard Permit for truckers from Kansas
    • Before moving any Oversize or Overweight load the carrier should complete the Standard Permit Application and return it back to the Kansas Trucking Connection (KTC).
    • This standard permit is valid only for 7 days and it should not be altered by any company or individual.
    • Continuous movement shall be allowed during the validity of the permit.
Motor Carrier Permit
  • Emergency Permit for truckers from Kansas
  • An Emergency permit allows movers of oversize or overweight equipment to move loads in a timely manner to emergencies throughout the State.
    1. An annual emergency permit may be issued to movers to move day and night provided the KTC determines an emergency actually exists.
    2. The emergency night movement shall be applicable as long as the emergency exists.
    3. Once the emergency condition no longer exists, further movement of the vehicle shall be by a standard permit, annual permit, or other type of permit approved by the Kansas Trucking Connection (KTC).
    4. The annual emergency permit shall be purchased separately from any other permit and be used only during emergencies.

Laws from Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP)

  • When current weather conditions are not good avoid transporting vehicles without the permission of the local KHP officer.
  • Oversize or overweight loads shall not be transported when visibility is less than one and half mile.
  • Shifting Oversize Overweight loads (OSOW) during snow, rain, sleet and snow may also cause significant delays to the trucker.
  • OSOW trucks

What to do the mover needs to know when moving large structures?

Loads longer than 126 feet or overall length which is greater than 140 are considered as large structures.
  • Instructions for the truckers prior to moving
    1. Get a "large structure worksheet" from Kansas Trucking Connection
    2. Fill out the "large structure worksheet" completely.
    3. Incomplete worksheets will be returned to the customer
    4. Locate your route on the district map to determine the district engineers need to be contacted
    5. Get tips from the engineer for the safe move and receive approval on the woksheet.
    6. After getting approval from the district engineer, get approval from the appropriate district official
    7. Fax the signed completed worksheet to Kansas Trucking Connection at 785-271-3145.
    8. KTC approved large structure permit will be sent to the mover's fax number on the worksheet.
Open trailer truck

Some special requirements for the movement of large structures

  1. Before the permit can be issued to the customer the district representative from the entire load travelling district should sign the "large structure worksheet".
  2. Large structure permits may not be renewed or transferred to another vehicle or company.
  3. Large structure movements are restricted in city and county roadways as much as possible.
  4. Large structures are not allowed to park on any highways.
  5. Movers of large structures shall contact the district engineer to obtain authorization before removing or relocating any signs, hazard markers, or other property of the department

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