Incoming Loaded Truck Container Crossings, New York (U.S.) -Canadian Border: 2000-2005

New York a world famous state with huge crowd has lots to do with advancements is businesses. Citizens who wish to shift to a novel destination take assistance of car shipping companies to move their vehicles without any hassle. Auto transporters have assisted New York state people to be hassle free. The number of incoming loaded containers crossed the New York (U.S.) border from year 2000 – 2005 are many and has shown minor fluctuations. In year 2000, 1,708 loaded truck containers crossed the border which augmented up to 2,144 containers in year 2001. There were many car shipping trailers among the numbers. In year 2002, 2003 and 2004; 1,763, 1770 and 1752 loaded truck containers crossed the New York(U.S.) – Canadian border, respectively. Year 2005 showed the main boost, 1778 loaded truck containers crossed the border. Among these the majority were loaded auto transport trailers.
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