North Carolina auto transport director

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Mission and Vision of North Carolina department of transportation


Joining the people and places in North Carolina in a safe and efficient manner with accountability and environmental sensitivity.


The goals of North Carolina department of transportation is to make its:
  • Transportation network more safer
  • Transportation network help more efficiently to move people and goods
  • Infrastructure last longer
  • Organization work well
  • Organization an amazing place to work
Let us look into some features that NCDOT offers to its and its travellers.

North Carolina 511 system to provide road information on state highways

North Carolina 511 system is a voice-activated phone system introduced mainly for the benefit of the caller to get information on road and travel conditions, incidents, and construction on state highways. 511 is the national 3-digit telephone number to get the travel information.
Travelers have the option of accessing road and travel conditions using the Web at or by dialing 511 on their cellular phones or their land lines. Travel information is currently distributed to the public using Highway Advisory Radio, and Dynamic Message Signs. 511 service in North Carolina was implemented in the year 2004.

Safety Programs launched by NCDOT

Safety programs came into existence to provide a secure and well-maintained transportation system which meets the needs of the traveling public and supports the development of sustainable, vibrant group of people. Launched Safety programs are:
  • Sealed Corridor Program
  • Governor's Highway Safety Program (GHSP)
  • Work Zone Safety Program
  • Safe Routes to School

Sealed Corridor Program

The NCDOT has carried out this work in such a way to eliminate rail-highway at-grade crossings between Raleigh and Charlotte within the North Carolina Railroad Company's corridor.
NCDOT is safeguarding the private crossings along the corridors by installing many warning devices such as:
  • Four-Quadrant Gates
  • Longer Gate Arms
  • Median Separators
  • New Signs and Pavement Markings
  • Health Monitoring System

Governor's Highway Safety Program (GHSP)

The mission of the Governor's Highway Safety Program is to encourage highway safety awareness and to reduce the number of traffic crashes and fatalities in the state of North Carolina through the planning and execution of safety programs.

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School program enables and encourages children, including those with disabilities, to walk safely and bicycle to and from school in a much secured manner.
Safe Routes to School Program assists schools and communities in the planning, Development, Implementation of projects and activities which will improve safety, fuel consumption and air pollution in the surrounding area of schools while promoting a healthy lifestyle for children and their parents.

Work Zone Safety

The key element of this campaign is to tell motorists that they are more likely to be killed or injured in work zone accidents than employees or contract workers. Our role in a work zone:
  • We have to slow down when we see an orange cone.
  • Tailgating should not be done in the workzones.
  • Reading all the signs assist in safely directing motorists in the work zone.
  • While driving try to avoid getting distracted.

Environmental Programs launched by NCDOT

These activities are launched mainly to assist the traveling public and help them increase their transportation choices and also to enhance the built or natural environment, and create a sense of place.
  • Environmental Excellence
  • Roadside Environmental and Beautification Programs
  • Blue Star Memorial Marker Locations

Roadside Environmental and Beautification Programs

To provide roadside elements for a statewide highway system that is secure, attractive and responsive to the public's needs.Wildflower Program, Adopt-A-Highway program etc comes under NCDOT Roadside Environmental Unit.

Enhancement Programs launched by NCDOT

These activities are launched mainly to assist the traveling public and help them increase their transportation choices and also to enhance the built or natural environment, and create a sense of place.

Landscaping and other Beautification

This program deals with
  • Landscape planning
  • Designing
  • Construction projects
  • which will improve the artistic or environmental resources along highways, other transportation corridors like railways, bike paths, sidewalks, etc.,

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Projects in this category include providing bicycle and pedestrian facilities for secure accommodation either through construction of new facilities or modifications to existing facilities which include
  • Construction of new sidewalks
  • Adding and/or modifying bike lanes
  • Installation of items at inter-modal points
  • Adding and/or modifying road shoulders
  • Vehicular parking facilities such as bike lockers and racks