Puerto Rico transport director

The Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW)is a government agency of Puerto Rico which mainly looks after transportation and public works.
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Mission and Vision statement of Puerto Rico Department of Transportation


Mission of Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works is to bring economic development in Puerto Rico through an efficient transportation system, safe and in agreement with the environment by guaranteeing an excellent service.


Vision of DTPW is to develop and support an incorporated transportation system, together with the road infrastructure, provision of services and also to facilitate the economic development of Puerto Rico. Let us look into some features that DTPW provides to its citizens and travellers.

Programs introduced by DTPW to improve transportation

Adopt a Highway

The Adopt a Highway program is mainly created to maintain and improve the green areas of state highways. The adopter's commitment is to:
  • Adopt a section of state highway or urban roads for a specified time.
  • Perform the cleanup and maintenance of green areas.
  • Participate in security briefings made by the DTOP.
  • Develop a work plan for maintenance activities.
  • Prepare and submit the designs of the section which must be adopted by the Adopt a Highway Program DTOP.

Share the Road

Share the road program is launched with the aim of promoting public behavior to allow cyclists to share our roads in an environment of respect, courtesy, cooperation and security.
  • Designing and printing of two booklets in collaboration with the Cycling Club of Puerto Rico and the Commission for Traffic Safety
  • The book in detail explains about the Cyclist Bill of Rights and Duties of Driver.
  • Adoption of Share the Road Label installation has been done on some roads.
  • Bicycle parking facility has been introduced in Commuter Rail Stations.
  • Programs like Bicitra and BICIAMA are introduced to look after bicycle safety.

Call and Travel Program

Call and Travel Program is a transportation service available for people with physical or mental disabilities. Most of them who get benefit from this are:
People who were difficult to ride the Regular Route system or have to transfer from one bus to another.
Cannot board, ride or get off the bus unless or until they are accompanied by either a companion or personal care attendant.

Gold Program

This Program is designed for persons 75 years of age or older which offers the opportunity for citizens to comply with this requirement to travel on buses free of charge. Person belongs to 75 years or more are only benefitted out of this program.

Fare Media Program

This Program is designed for elderly or physical or mental disability persons when travel in buses can pay half the cost of regular fee. Who can get benfit from this program?
  • People who are of 60 to 74 years
  • People with Medicare card
  • People with disabilities
  • Passenger and Travel Program Call