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  • Objective
    The Maryland Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is a statewide, coordinated, comprehensive, traffic safety plan which provides the framework for reducing fatalities and serious injuries on all public streets and highways.
    Maryland Strategic Highway Safety Plan
    It establishes overall goals and objectives within each of seven key emphasis areas. "Traffic safety is public safety" and as such, it requires the commitment and effort from a wide variety of stakeholders.
    The State's Highway Administration (SHA) is struggling a much to achieve broad involvement in the safety planning and implementation processes.
    State cabinet-level secretaries, federal officials, the top leaders of public and private sector organizations together form an Executive Committee with a stake in traffic safety to oversee the effort.
  • Steering Committee
    An assembly of representatives from state, local, federal agencies and safety organizations, provides direction for the development of the SHSP and its implementation.
    These committees selected the following seven emphasis areas, two of which were further divided into nine subareas.
    • Reduce Impaired Driving
    • Improve Information and Decision Support Systems
    • Eliminate Hazardous Locations
      • Keep Vehicles on the Roadway
      • Improve Safety at Intersections
      • Create Safer Work Zones
      • Make Walking and Crossing Streets Safer
    • Increase Occupant Protection
    • Improve Driver Competency
      • Reduce Distracted Driving
      • Enhance Safety for Older Drivers
      • Develop Safe Young Drivers
      • Improve Motorcycle Safety
      • Make Truck and Bus Travel Safer
    • Curb Aggressive Driving
    • Improve Emergency Response System
The SHSP provides the framework for Maryland to apply the best solutions to solve its most critical highway safety problems.

Traffic signs

  • Traffic signs are the primary means of regulating, warning or guiding traffic on all streets and highways.
  • The installation of each device should fulfill the respect of road users, convey a clear simple meaning and give adequate time for proper response.

Traffic signals

  • Traffic signals are the red, yellow and green lights used at busy intersections to stop and proceed the direct traffic.
  • A traffic signal can reduce traffic delays and enhance safety if it is installed at the proper location and under the right conditions.
  • Traffic signal assigns the right-of-way to vehicles in sequence from various directions and forcing the streams of traffic to take turns when entering the intersection.

What Can A Traffic Signal Do?

A signal stops traffic in one or more directions so that:
  • Vehicles on the side street can cross or enter a heavy flow of traffic
  • Vehicles can turn left from the opposite direction
  • Pedestrians can cross a street without any vehicle interference
Mostly signals include vehicle detecting devices, that sense traffic approaching from each direction and adjust signal timing for maximum efficiency.
The overall objective of signal control is to provide safe and efficient traffic flow through intersections, along routes and in street networks.

Benefits of traffic signals

  • Improve the organized movement of traffic
  • Increase the traffic-handling capability of the junction
  • Lessen the occurrence of certain types of accidents
  • Interrupt heavy traffic at intervals to allow pedestrian and side street traffic to cross or enter the main street traffic stream

Signal Harms

However, installation of traffic signals can have the following unnecessary additional adverse effects:
  • Excessive delay to all traffic movements due to congestion.
  • Unnecessary frustration for motorists, resulting in disobedience of the traffic signal.
  • Undesirable diversion of traffic through neighborhoods

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