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Rules of the Road in Massachusetts

On many of the public roadways, traffic is kept under control with the help of signs, signals, pavement markings and driving laws. Drivers should learn to drive safely and properly on
  • Streets, roads, alleys, and avenues
  • Traffic rotaries (circles)
  • Highways, expressways, and freeways
  • Special crossings and Intersections

Your speed must be based on

There is a minimum speed of 20 mph in the Boston Harbor tunnels. Speed limits are mainly based on certain conditions such as:
Traffic conditions - the number of vehicles on the road and their speed Weather conditions and visibility - situations that make it hard to see, including rain, snow, dust etc...
Road conditions - Is the road surface rough or smooth; how much water, ice, or snow is on the road surface; and how wide is the roadway
Pedestrians or bicyclists - People who are traveling along or across the road. You must lower your speed if there are poor driving conditions or hazards. It does not matter if the posted speed limit is higher
If you drive 40 mph in a heavy rainstorm on a highway with a speed limit of 50 mph, you may get a ticket for driving too fast.

Laws for Drivers

  • See to it that your vehicle should not block a crosswalk.
  • Drivers should leave way for the pedestrians who enter the crosswalk in their travel path.
  • Drivers should not try to overtake the vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians.
  • Pedestrians may cross the road when the traffic signal is red or if it is red and yellow, hencedrivers should be more alert during such times.

Traffic signs

Traffic signs are the primary means of regulating, warning or guiding traffic on all streets and highways. Some among the signs are
  • Stop and Yield Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Guide Signs
  • Construction and Maintenance (Road Work Warnings)

Road Respect-Tame the Rage

  • Road Respect-Tame the Rage or Road Respect/Sharing the Road is a program from the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau and is highly enforced by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and the Massachusetts State Police.
  • The program has been launched with an idea that a little courtesy will protect you from an accident thereby increasing safety in your way. Avoid getting angry when someone else drives irresponsibly. Aggressive Drivers often do the following
    Activities that are considered as an Offense
  • Aggressive driving includes offenses such as tailgating, over speeding, running red lights, over taking other vehicles during traffic hours, unsafe lane changes, following too closely, failing to yield the right of way and improper use of turn signals.
  • State Police patrol highways always look for aggressive drivers who put everyone in trouble. If you are arrested for aggressive driving, the Registrar may review your case and also haves the right to suspend your license if he feels that you are a threat to public safety.
  • If you see a person drinking aggressively on the roads please don't hesitate to call 911, an emergency number to report and help the State Police to identify drunk drivers and take necessary action before any hazard happens.
When you call 911 you should be able to answer some of the questions like:
  • When was the incident actually happened
  • Where was it happened
  • What was the incident
  • Who was the cause for the incident

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