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Transportation Programs in New York

HELP (Highway Emergency Local Patrol)

The mission of HELP program in New York is to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods by minimizing traffic congestion, and improving the operation of the highway system.
The HELP program has evolved as one of the largest and most successful highway service patrol programs of the nation. This program was initiated to reduce congestion and motorist delay and increase the motorist safety by providing emergency roadside service to disabled vehicles and the travelling public. It is coordinated and monitored by the Department's local Transportation Management Centers (TMCs).


What is GreenLITES?
GreenLITES which stands for Green Leadership In Transportation Environmental Sustainability is a transportation environmental sustainability rating program. This program is implemented to recognize transportation project designs, operations and maintenance practices that incorporate a high level of environmental sustainability.
GreenLITES improves the safety and mobility in New York State and ensures to:
  • Protect and enhance the environment.
  • Preserve energy and natural resources.
  • Enhance the historic, scenic, and aesthetic project setting characteristics.
  • Encourage public involvement in the transportation planning process.
  • Integrate smart growth and other sound land-use practices.
  • Support new and innovative approaches to sustainable design, and how we operate and maintain our facilities.


GreenLITES is a self certification program to measure our performance, recognize good practices, and identify where we need to improve. Appropriate certification level is assigned by evaluating the project designs and operations of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). The highest certification level will go to designs and operations group which advances the state of sustainable transportation solutions.

Adopt a Highway

Thousands of communities across the country have signaled their commitment to keeping America beautiful by adopting stretches of highway and pledging to keep them litter-free. Legislation to formalize New York State's Adopt-A-Highway Program was passed in 1990 to encourage individuals or groups to clean up highway roadsides.
Adopt a Highway
Who can adopt?
Any business or organization can adopt a highway. Occasionally, individuals or families also adopt. NYSDOT welcomes civic, fraternal, service, youth, senior citizen, scout, school, church, synagogue and neighborhood organizations
What must adopters do?
Adopters are asked to commit to picking up trash along the section of state highway, which is usually two miles long, at least four times a year for two years. Adopters may cut down the roadside or plant flowers and other NYSDOT-approved vegetation. They may also keep the income they earn from any recyclable waste.
What does NYSDOT do?
Firstly, NYSDOT should determine that the section of highway to be adopted is suitable for adoption. Once determined, the adoption agreement has to be signed and the local media will be notified that the adopters have been awarded custody of a state highway. The Department will erect a blue-and-white Adopt-A-Highway sign within the adopted highway to acknowledge the adopters.

Posted Bridges

R-Posted Bridge
A bridge which does not have the reserve capacity to accommodate most vehicles over legal weights based on design or condition, but can still safely carry legal weights. These bridges are identified with signage stating "No Trucks with R Permits."
Posted Bridges
By law, no vehicle operating over legal weight is allowed to cross any R-Posted Bridge, unless granted a waiver by the owning authority. Such waivers are granted only to those vehicles operating pursuant to specific permit types at weights up to 102,000 lbs.
Posted-Load Bridge
Posted-Load Bridge is an elevated structure which has a specific weight limit in tons posted on a sign. All vehicles exceeding the specified weights are prohibited, including the vehicles with overweight permits.
Other-Posted Bridges
A bridge or elevated structure that is closed, under construction, or for which vehicle traffic may be restricted otherwise.
We offer car hauling services in New York. New York is a beautiful state with an estimated population 18,998,889 in year 2000 which grew up to 19,254,630 in year 2005. The total miles traveled by highway vehicles in year 2000 was 129,057 (millions) and which augmented to 137,521 (millions) in year 2005. The VMT calculation also includes miles traveled by trailers. The total vehicle-miles traveled per capita of New York were 6,793 in year 2000 and which shifted to 7,142 in year 2005. Details mentioned comprises of miles traveled by trailers and by usual vehicles on New York highways. Overall, the population, total VMT and total VMT per capita of New York has increased in year 2005 when compared to year 2000

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