Overseas Shipping

Since 1964, All America Auto Transport has been transporting vehicles to every city in the country and overseas. All America's frequent transport schedules means a minimum of waiting time for you.
Ships depart approximately every week, with delivery times of approximately 14-21 days. Some destinations require transshipment and may take an additional 7 to 21 days.
we offer
Finally! an auto shipper you can trust.
Your owner's insurance also remains in effect throughout the car shipping process. Our shipping services are prompt, efficient and we constantly check the rates of our competitor so that we may keep our discounts among the lowest of all the fully insured, reputable auto movers.
Overseas Shipping done by us
With our transport services, we treat your cars like we treat our own.

Some Information about Shipping Overseas with us

  • What do we need to place an order?
    1. Year, make and model of vehicle.
    2. License plate and VIN number.
    3. Car measurements for older, oversized or customized vehicle (length, width, height);
    4. Approximate value in US dollars.
    5. Name, mailing address and phone numbers in the US and overseas.
    6. Full payment by cashiers check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.
    7. Copy (non-notarized) of the front and back of the title.
    8. A Shipping Order-Bill of Lading filled out and signed.
    9. For orders placed less than 5 business days before shipment, please add $25 service fee for expedited processing.
  • What are all the things you should produce to us before we ship your car?
    • Cars must be completely empty, except for factory installed equipment. You should not have more than 1/2 tank of gas and all keys must accompany cars. All cars must be in running condition for roll on/roll off service.
      We inspect the car before and after shipping A person checking the original title along with three copies of the title, front and back
    • Custom regulations require that you have the original title along with three copies of the title, front and back which will accompany the vehicle to the port.
    • If there are any liens against the vehicle, a notarized letter from the lien holder authorizing the export of the vehicle must also accompany the car.
  • How we are Calculating Price quotes ?
    • The price quote is mainly based on cubic feet measurements.
    • Older, oversized, and customized vehicles will be measured at the port.
    • If they differ from the measurements given by the customer, any additional cost must be paid prior to shipping.
    A person taking cubic feet measurements
    Also included in the price is catastrophic insurance. This insurance is for any catastrophe that may happen, i.e. the ship sinks. There are companies that provide marine insurance for your vehicle. Some auto insurance policies also cover overseas shipping. Please check with your insurance agent about this.
Your car is being fully covered by our insurance
Price does include port fees in the USA. However, if your vehicle need to be stored at the US port for any reason (i.e. improper paperwork), those fees are also the responsibility of the shipper. The price does not include storage fees, handling and custom duties at the overseas destination.