United States Speedy Facts

Data are for 2005 unless otherwise noted. In this we have given you the miles traveled by the various vehicles including auto hauling trailers and car moving trucks (it includes under the category 'heavy trucks registered').
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Transportation System Level :

All public roads: 4.01 million miles.

Interstate: 46,873 miles.

Road bridges: 591,078.

Class I railroad trackage: 97,664 miles (97,496 miles in 2004).

Inland waterways: 29,627 miles.

Public-use airports: 5,270 (575 certificated for air carrier operations).

Automobiles and Conveyances :

Automobiles registered: 136.6 million.

Light trucks registered: 95.3 million.

Heavy trucks registered: 8.5 million.

Buses registered: 0.8 million.

Motorcycles registered: 6.2 million.

Rail transit systems1: 21 commuter rail, 14 heavy rails (subway), 28 light rail.

Recreational boats registered: 12.9 million.