Miami Car Shipping

AAAT Miami car shipping service is the reliable source for all your auto transport needs. We ship your cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs to wherever you decide.
We have been delivering cars in and around Miami since 1964 and now have emerged as the most trusted auto shippers in America. With our highly experienced transport experts and fully insured shipping carriers we deliver your cars safely with utmost care.

Tips to save your money on Miami car transport

Car shipping is often expensive but you can save a lot if you follow certain tips:
  • Choose a reliable service: The best way to save money on your vehicle transport is to handover it to trustworthy auto shippers. Choosing reliable car shippers saves both your car as well as money.

  • Preparing your car prior to transport: Getting your car ready helps you to save a lot. This includes:

    • Cleaning and washing it thoroughly
    • Checking tire pressures and brakes
    • Disabling alarms and removing antennas
    • Removing any unwanted things from the car
    • Checking fluid levels in the gas tank

  • Choosing open trailers: Shipping your car using open trailers are often less expensive than using an enclosed trailer.

  • Selecting terminal to terminal services:As compared to door to door services it is less expensive. Choose terminal to terminal service if you want to save money.
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