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All America auto transport – quality standards

Since 1964 All America has been shipping cars as Brokers. We now use a custom internet program to bid to trucking companies. 90% of truckers get their loads from brokers. We pledge to bid the lowest price for you that will get your cars moved quickly. At your direction, when needed, we will raise the bid prices. You will not be charged until a truck is secured at the price you authorize. The internet has changed the way cars are shipped, and trucker will always select the best paying load from an experienced and reputable Broker.

Get A Free Transport Quotes

So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (800) CAR SHIPPING / (800) 227-7447 for questions or a quote.

Why use a Broker?

All America has built a solid relationship with trucking companies over the years. We constantly check ratings and insurance, and monitor your entire move from booking, pick up to delivery.

Fact: Even if a company has a few trucks, odds are that your car will be brokered out. You will have no way of knowing that until your car is picked up, and waiting on the company owned truck could be a long delay for that truck to fill, since no truck will leave without a full load (7-11 cars).

AAAT services – highly acclaimed and dependable

Ranging from a single vehicle to an entire fleet, we offer an all-inclusive service that is highly dependable. Whether you want to ship you vehicle statewide or Nationwide, we are dedicated to provide you with the lowest car shipping quotes possible. Our service include:

  • Door to door
  • Enclosed trailer
  • Open trailers
  • Nationwide, Statewide, Hawaii and Alaska
  • Luxury and exotic transport

With our highly skilled and experienced staff, we provide safe, secure and prompt service, thereby delivering you a relaxed shipping experience. We ship cars, trucks and SUVs to all of America

AAAT – Vehicle Shipping Services in Major States & Cities


Services by States & US Cities

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